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Differences between database and tables

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Differences between database and tables
HI Alex,

Could you give a quick explanation on the differences between mysql database and tables within the mysql database?

What I'm wondering is this. If I add a table into the mysql database, does that affect the performance of mysql if that table is not being accessed.

I've made a teeny little mod where I can specify an entirely different table via page.cgi, search.cgi, nph-build.cgi, nph-index.cgi and the table editor.cgi and bring up results or do whatever I can do with the Links table. I also had to create an index table for this new table so it could be indexed by nph-index.cgi for use with search.cgi. (Is all that clear?)

So, I'm wondering if the addition of these tables, within the mysql database that was setup to run Links, will affect the performance of Links even though it's not being directly used in conjunction with Links (at least not yet.)

Thanks, I'll look forward to hearing from you.


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Hi Kyle,

Sure! The short answer: no, adding a table won't affect performance.

The not as short answer: A database can hold one or more tables, and normally a program operates inside of a database. In mysql, a database is represented as a directory off the data directory, and a table is just a series of three files (one for the meta info, one for the actual data, and one for the indexes).

So adding a new table just means (again in mysql) adding three new files into a directory. It won't affect performance of the program at all.