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Automatically a link created from another script

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Automatically a link created from another script
Am trying to figure out how to automatically insert a link created from a free homepage script into links sql. I am using the program for content management instead of giving away free pages, and need to do the following:

When I create a page, i.e.

It will automatically insert these links into the corresponding links category. Any suggestions on how to do this??

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Re: Automatically a link created from another script In reply to
It would be better to insert them into the Validate database, then "validate" them into the Links database.

You can use any of the number of scripts that have been done to see how to use the DBSQL.pm to insert into a database. Just use the modules you need, or do a direct insert calling DBI directly.

The advantage of going through DBSQL.pm is it will help to ensure the link data is formatted properly, and then by Validating them into the Links database you have one extra level of checking to make sure you don't miss anything such as a mis-formatted field or missing value.

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/