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Parser problems.

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Parser problems.
I need to Parse a Top/Computers/Internet/Commercial_Services/Web_Hosting/Free
But script skip it every time.
whats wrong in my codes?
its my content file:
<RDF xmlns:r="http://www.w3.org/TR/RDF/"

<Topic r:id="Top">

<Topic r:id="Top/Computers">

<Topic r:id="Top/Computers/Internet">

<Topic r:id="Top/Computers/Internet/Commercial_Services">

<Topic r:id="Top/Computers/Internet/Commercial_Services/Web_Hosting">

<Topic r:id="Top/Computers/Internet/Commercial_Services/Web_Hosting/Free">

<Topic r:id="Top/Computers/Internet/Commercial_Services/Web_Hosting/Free/Business">
<link r:resource="http://www.onecommerce.net/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.bcity.com/bcity/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.bizland.com/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.highserver.com/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.tcfb.com/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.indosentris.net/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.freedom2surf.com/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.netfirms.com/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.bluefibre.com/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.uniquepages.com/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.bghosting.com/web/index.html"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.tntwebs.net/"/>
<link r:resource="http://xprss.com/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.digital-avatar.com/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.virtualave.net/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.vhroom.com/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.4office.net/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.homex.com/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.onlineexpress.net/"/>
<link r:resource="http://anzwers.net/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.worldzone.net/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.deck.com/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.portland.co.uk/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.pwrserve.com/"/>
<link r:resource="http://www.onestop.net/"/>
<link r:resource="http://free.prohosting.com/"/>


<ExternalPage about="http://www.onecommerce.net/">
<d:Description>999 Mb; No forced ads; no user ads permitted. Browser or FTP uploads. Free e-shop setup and marketing services. URL: 'http://www.yoursite.onecommerce.net/'. Free domain hosting also available.</d:Description>

<ExternalPage about="http://www.bcity.com/bcity/">
<d:Description>Banner ad required on each page. Requires more personal information than most to register.</d:Description>

<ExternalPage about="http://www.bizland.com/">
<d:Description>35 Mb. Popup or banner ad on each page. FTP uploads. Free e-mail. Free e-commerce 'storefront'. URL: 'http://www.you.bizland.com/'. Free domain hosting also available.</d:Description>

<ExternalPage about="http://www.highserver.com/">
<d:Description>15-500 Mb. No banners or popup ads. FTP uploads. Support for CGI-BIN and MySQL. URL: 'http://yoursite.highserver.com/'.</d:Description>

<ExternalPage about="http://www.tcfb.com/">
<d:Title>The Center For Business</d:Title>
<d:Description>Designed for small and mid-sized businesses. Offers 2Mb webspace, free e-mail, market research, discussion forums and more.</d:Description>

<ExternalPage about="http://www.indosentris.net/">
<d:Description>10 Mb, secure server access available. Popup ad on each page. Browser uploads. Unlimited free e-mail. Full CGI support. Unlimited Java chat rooms and third-level domains. Shopping cart available. URL: 'http://www.yourname.indosent


<ExternalPage about="http://www.freedom2surf.com/">
<d:Description>20 Mb with unlimited traffic. No ads. FTP uploads. Virus-protected e-mail with unlimited traffic. Full CGI-BIN with Perl and PHP3 scripting, database access and MS Frontpage 98 support. URL: 'http://www.yoursite.f2s.com/'.</d:Descrip


<ExternalPage about="http://www.netfirms.com/">
<d:Description>25 Mb with unlimited hits on an OC-3 web-backbone connection. Banner ad required on each page; user ads are permitted. FTP uploads. Free e-mail forwarding. Full CGI-BIN with support for FrontPage extensions. URL: 'http://www.your

site.netfirms.com/'. Free domain hosting is also available.</d:Description>

<ExternalPage about="http://www.bluefibre.com/">
<d:Description>5 Mb with unlimited traffic. Banner at bottom of each page. Browser uploads; online file manager. Full support for CGI-BIN, SSI, SSL, form-mail, guestbook, and message board. URL: 'http://yourname.bluefibre.com/' or use free domain ho


<ExternalPage about="http://www.uniquepages.com/">
<d:Title>Unique Pages Online</d:Title>
<d:Description>5 Mb; Banner ad frame on each page. Support for ASP, Access, FrontPage98 and extentions. Full CGI-BIN support with Perl. URL: 'http://www.yoursite.uniquepages.com/'.</d:Description>

<ExternalPage about="http://www.bghosting.com/web/index.html">
<d:Title>B.G. Hosting</d:Title>
<d:Description>10 Mb with unlimited bandwidth. Banner ad on each page. Browser uploads, on-line file manager, free web based e-mail account. Available CGI scripts include guestbook, message board, and form-mail. URL: 'http://www.bghosting.com/web/yo


<ExternalPage about="http://www.tntwebs.net/">
<d:Description>20 Mb; Button link to host required; user ads are permitted. Browser or FTP uploads. Full CGI-BIN with support for FrontPage Extensions, ASP counter, forms, and POP3 e-mail. URL: 'http://yoursite.tntwebs.net/'.</d:Description>

<ExternalPage about="http://xprss.com/">
<d:Description>100 Mb. Banner ad at foot of page. Browser uploads. Free POP3 e-mail. Full CGI-BIN/SSI support with preloaded scripts for calendar, counter, form mail, and guestbook. Extras include a free e-commerce shopping cart, database access,
and use of an advance online editor with over 100 templates, a links page, as well as a news page and a links page. URL: 'http://www.freewebspace.net/yoursite/'.</d:Description>

<ExternalPage about="http://www.digital-avatar.com/">
<d:Description>5+ Mb with unlimited bandwidth. Banner ad on each page. Browser uploads. Private CGI-BIN with SSI and FrontPage extensions support. 24/7 tech support and free email.</d:Description>

<ExternalPage about="http://www.virtualave.net/">
<d:Description>20 Mb. Popup or banner ads on each page. FTP uploads. Unlimited e-mail forwarding; 24/7 tech support. Full CGI-BIN support. URL: 'http://www.yoursite.virtualave.net/'.</d:Description>

<ExternalPage about="http://www.vhroom.com/">
<d:Description>20 Mb. Banner ad on each page. Browser or FTP uploads. Some CGI scripts with support for Microsoft FrontPage extensions. URL: 'http://www.yoursite.vhroom.com/'.</d:Description>

<ExternalPage about="http://www.4office.net/">
<d:Description>Unlimited space and hits. Popup ad on each page. FTP uploads. Full CGI support. URL: 'http://www.yourname.4office.net/'.</d:Description>

<ExternalPage about="http://www.homex.com/">
<d:Description>6 Mb; Sponsored by e-Loan and geared to the needs of real estate brokers. Large banner at bottom of each page. Financial information, maps of listings. Browser uploads. URL: 'http://www.yourname.homex.com/'.</d:Description>

<ExternalPage about="http://www.onlineexpress.net/">
<d:Description>10 Mb with unlimited hits. Banner ad on each page; no user ads allowed. FTP uploads and site management. Free e-mail forwarding and autoresponder. Full CGI-BIN with SSI and FrontPage extention support; available scripts include : count

er, and guestbook. URL: 'http://www.yoursite.onlineexpress.com/'. Domain hosting for business sites is available.</d:Description>

<ExternalPage about="http://anzwers.net/">
<d:Description>Unlimited space and bandwidth. Banner ad each page. Browser uploads. Commercial, personal and adult sites are hosted. URL: 'http://www.anzwers.net/free/yoursite/'.</d:Description>

<ExternalPage about="http://www.worldzone.net/">
<d:Description>25 Mb. Banner ad on each page. Browser uploads. Server CGI: guestbook, forum, formmail, site search and search-engine submission. Private CGI-BIN, simple and advanced editors. URL: 'http://worldzone.net/area/yoursite/'.</d:Description


<ExternalPage about="http://www.deck.com/">
<d:Description>1 Mb (More for a fee). Button link to host; Browser upload. Bulletin board and forum. URL: 'http://www.deck.com/sitetype/sitename/'.</d:Description>

<ExternalPage about="http://www.portland.co.uk/">
<d:Description>15 Mb; traffic must not exceed 100Mb/month. No bammer or popup ads. Full 24/7 FTP access; Full CGI-BIN access with preloaded counter and form scripts. Support for all domanin names, (including .nu, .cx, .to, and .cc). URL: choice of 'h

ttp://yoursite.portland.co.uk/' _or_ 'http://yoursite.port5.com/'.</d:Description>

<ExternalPage about="http://www.pwrserve.com/">
<d:Title>Power Serve</d:Title>
<d:Description>5 Mb. Banner ad on each page. Browser uploads. Available limited CGI scripts: page_counter, guestbook, and forum_page. URL: 'http://www.pwrserve.com/area/dir/yoursite/'.</d:Description>

<ExternalPage about="http://www.onestop.net/">
<d:Description>10 Mb; 24-pixel ad-frame at top of each page. FTP uploads. 1 POP/IMAP email account. Limited CGI support. Domain hosting and paid-hosting plans also available. URL: 'http://yourname.onestop.net' OR 'http://www.yourname.com/'.</d:Desc


<ExternalPage about="http://free.prohosting.com/">
<d:Description>15 Mb. No forced ads or links. FTP uploads. Free e-mail. Full support for CGI/SSI. URL: 'http://free.prohosting.com/~yoursite/' OR 'http://yoursite.prohosting.com/'.</d:Description>


Its my parser.pl config part:
# =====================================================================================
# 1. Set this to the location of the content.rdf file (note you can leave the file gzipped).
my $CONTENT = 'e:\cgi-bin\links-sql\admin\setup\free.txt';

# 2. You can leave the file gzipped if you are short on disk space, just tell
# the program where your gzip program is. The -c decompresses to stdout and is
# required. The -d says to decompress (you can use gunzip as well).
my $GZIP = '';

# 3. Set what subset of the Open Directory you want to parse.
my %IMPORT = (
'Top/Computers/Internet/Commercial_Services/Web_Hosting/Free' => '/',

# 4. Append? If set to 1 the script will add all links and categories, if set to 0, the
# script will only add links/categories that don't already exist (slows down the parsing).
my $APPEND = 1;

# 5. Defaults to use for Add_Date and Contact Name/Contact Email. Note: Don't set add
# date to today, otherwise you will end up with WAY TO MANY new links.
my $ADD_DATE = '1999-12-01';
my $CONTACT_E = '';

# 6. Max lines per category. Shouldn't need to touch this.
my $max_limit = 5000;

# All done! Run `perl Parse_RDF.pl` from within your setup directory and watch it go.
# =====================================================================================