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Parse_RDF.pl problem

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Parse_RDF.pl problem
Good morning,

I am having a problem importing links into the correct categories using the latest version of Parse_RDF.pl.
Although I specify a subcategory in my directory, the imported links end up scattered throughout different
"Arts & Humanities" sections.

I have sectioned the DMOZ file and renamed it to "refined_topics.rdf.tar.gz". My settings in the Parse_RDF.pl
file look like this:

# 1. Set this to the location of the content.rdf file (note you can leave the file gzipped).
my $CONTENT = './refined_topics.rdf.tar.gz';

# 2. You can leave the file gzipped if you are short on disk space, just tell
# the program where your gzip program is. The -c decompresses to stdout and is
# required. The -d says to decompress (you can use gunzip as well).
my $GZIP = '/usr/bin/gzip -cd';

# 3. Set what subset of the Open Directory you want to parse.
my $SUBSET = 'Top/Arts/Music';

# 4. You can insert the categories into an existing subcategory, or if you leave this
# blank, links will be added to the existing category.
my $PREFIX = 'Top/Arts & Humanities/Music/';

# 5. Append? If set to 1 the script will add all links and categories, if set to 0, the
# script will only add links/categories that don't already exist (slows down the parsing).
my $APPEND = 1;

I have tried the "append" on both 1 and 0 with the same results.

Although I have erased the links for now, you can view my site at http://cRealm.com if that helps to
explain the problem.

I sincerely appreciate any help you can offer!!

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Parse_RDF.pl problem In reply to
I just did an import for someone, and it was similar to yours.

It was 'Top/level1/level2'

Their site had the first level of categories already added to his site, ie:
the top of his site started with 'Level3'

(which for you would be 'Top/Arts/Music/[level 3 sub cats]'

When I did 'append=0' and ran the new parse_rdf.pl file, the links and subcategories were all put into the proper locations.

I think a new updated version of this parse_rdf procedure is on the way, so today or monday you may see it.

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Re: Parse_RDF.pl problem In reply to
I am having the same problem as Katina. DMOZ links are randomly scattered throughout my site no matter what I do (append 0/1 etc). No categories are created. But When I have no links or categories in my database links and categories are added and created perfectly.

I used the new and old Parse_RDF.pl script and it doesn't matter. Does anybody have any hints? Maybe somebody can tell me what variables they used and I can try it and see what happens?

Shane Staats

I changed some code from this link: I'm not sure if it has helped yet http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...um9/HTML/000449.html