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PHP & MySQL - Help

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PHP & MySQL - Help
Hi there,

I have Links SQL installed on a Linux Redhat 6.1 box runnung apache.

I have been asked to install PHP3 on this box
but do not want to mess up the MySQL already installed and running.

Can this be done and where do I get the correct .rpm from?

I really could appreciate some help here as I have now been put under some presure to get this installed.


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Installing PHP means (usually) recompiling Apache. It shouldn't affect Links SQL at all as long as you don't change the Apache settings drastically (which will affect all of the website, not just Links SQL).

Alternatively, you can run PHP as a CGI script I believe, so recompiling Apache isn't required.


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Re: PHP & MySQL - Help In reply to
To run PHP you really need to recompile Apache, copy the new file over the old one, and restart the servers. It shouldn't affect anything else, at least it didn't on my machine, and it was the first _real_ Unix-like thing I did <G>

The one thing you need to realize is that it took my Apache from about 800K to over 3 meg in size.... that's a HEFTY increase per process for PHP if you don't really need it.

I only need it on one process, so I'm actually thinking of recompiling Apache again, and putting this binary on a different port, and running the other apache for the main server.

Just my .02 --- ... but if you do install it, get the PHPAdmin program for MySQL... it makes life _really_ easy Smile

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