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One little problem DB

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One little problem DB
Hi guys

One little problem

Installed Mysql all ok
Setup Links.db all ok

Installed DBI all ok

I have run into a little problem with
the install for the DBD sql modules.

All goes well

Perl Makefile.PL

Checking for Data Dumper ok
Checking for ShowTable ok

Which DBMs do you want to use?

I choose 1 (Mysql)

Do you want to install the Mysql perl emulation? I have tried both yes and no here

Which database should I use for testing the Mysql drivers?[test]

On which host [localhost]
Username for conecting to the database[Undef] root

Password for connecting to the database[undef] (i type root password here

where is your mysql installed? please tell me the directory that contains the sub directory include/. [usr/local] I choose /usr

(however there is no Mysql.h in that include directory)

Can not find one of include/mysql/mysql.h, include/mysql.h in /usr at Makefile.PL line 153, <STDIN> chunk

That's a nice bedtime error message.

Well it's 4.38AM in the UK now and my eyes are held open with match sticks so hope i have better luck tomorrow.

If anyone has an idea....I'm very interested.


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Re: One little problem DB In reply to
(I got this question in email, but thought I'd post here). Sounds like you installed Mysql using rpm's but didn't install the devel rpm which has the header files. Make sure you install mysql-devel.rpm.