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Odd Error: Creeping Subroutine

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Odd Error: Creeping Subroutine
I've been using Links SQL v.1X for a year now and I noticed today that the build process was not completing (probably crept up in the last few days since the Build_Update table was relatively empty)....

And the following error cropped up:


<H1>Software error:</H1>
<CODE>Undefined subroutine &amp;main::build_related_clean_name called at nph-build.cgi line 428, &lt;INC&gt; chunk 1050.

I know why the error is occurring, but I have not edited the build script in the past few months.

Anyone seen "ghost" subroutines pop-up in their scripts??? Very odd to say the least!

And all I did was remove _related_ from the sub call.
Buh Bye!