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New Setup of Links

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New Setup of Links
Hello, I have just set up links on my domain server within the cgi-bin directory and when I tried to start the thing rolling by visiting admin.cgi, it then gave me the option to download or open from file. I tried opening from file but an error came up saying 'there is no script engine for file extension "cgi"' Can anyone help me! I am a bare beginner at perl
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Did you set up links, or LinkSQL ??

This is the SQL forum, and the procedure is quite different for each.

I posted on the problem of getting the prompt to download, earlier in this forum.

You *MUST* look at your server error log and find out what happened. It will point you to the right error. Run the script, then go view your error log -- use tail -- since the links you want will be at the end.

It's probably a permissions thing, or a missing ';' but your log will point you right to it.

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