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I'm receiving a ton of errors. It looks as if I have had a file or files deleted. My backup directory is empty and I can't find my database. My server says that they don't have a backup so I've decided to just forget about my old database. I wouldn't mind starting out new but I need some help getting the site up and running again. I'm getting the following errors:

Can't Execute: Table 'tr002111.Category' doesn't exist at admin/Links/DB_Utils.pm line 326.

Can't Execute: Table 'tr002111.Category' doesn't exist at Links/DB_Utils.pm line 326.

...and many more of the same. Any ideas on how I can get the script up and running again?

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It's the _same_ error. You are missing the table Category in the named database.

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As pugdog has already mentioned, there's a problem with your database and/or tables.

Links is looking for a database named "tr002111" where it expects to find the relevant tables it's going to use for your categories, links, users, etc.

You need to establish whether the "tr002111" database exists and if the necessary tables have been created for Links (they should have been if you ran links setup). You can do that with GT's MySQLMan tool available here: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...s/mysqlman/index.htm

This tool will connect to MySQL and show you what databases you currently have, and allow you to view/add/edit/delete databases and/or tables, so you can use it to find out what tables you have/haven't got.

Hope this helps.

All the best