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Modify in Admin fails

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Modify in Admin fails
Same problem as every week :-)
I have one cat-entree; that cant be modified from admin; all others are ok.
Modify via phpmyadmin is okay; reindex or recreate defs doesn´t help.
Have someone a clue why this could happen?


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Re: Modify in Admin fails In reply to
I'd have to see it misbehaving to have an idea. Next time it happens, send me the URL to go check it.

I beat my Links SQL to death, and have 9 different sites, with different database configurations from the default to 50+ fields. I have category trees from 9 to 3700 categories. I haven't hit anything like that, and the only problem I have is that occaisional weird error trying to modify a link that pops up now and again. (That error goes away if you try to re-edit it, and I'm wondering now if it's not an MSIE problem in some way.)

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/