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Membership or Login?

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Membership or Login?

When I visited "Links SQL Admin Menu", I see "Registered Users". I want everyone visiting my site to be "Registered Users". Is there anyone out there who can let me know how it can be done? Also, is there any way I can send mass mail to these people?

When I asked Alex about this matter, he mentioned that it can not be done in LinkSQL. He suggested that I need to visit Cgi-Resource or post the message on the forum.

I visited CGI-Resource and found out that there is a script called Account Manager. It works the way I wanted, but it is based on a flat file.

Please help me on this matter. Thanks.

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Re: Membership or Login? In reply to

ask widgetz about his mod user-singup. It permits ownly signed up users to add and modify. If you change it, so that it ads the users e-mail to the link as Contact-Email, you can mail all users with Links SQL

regards, Alexander