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Major Problem

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Major Problem
We are having some mahor problems in adding new categories and links. I have tried to contact Gossamer a few times with no luck and could use some help. When I add a new category, it seems tocreate all new directories and an index.html, but there are no links placed on the upper level category pages to it. Also I just tried to create a new three level category layer and the bottom most layer is accessable, but the upper level ones don't even seem to have an index.html. Please email me if you have seen this.


Richard Sensale
VisitUs Internet, Inc.
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I'm not sure what you are asking.

DO you have a place we can look at it?

Make sure the categories are:

New Category
New Category/level_1a
New Category/level_1b
New Category/level_1a/level_2a
New Category/level_1b/level_2b

The category name is used for the directory, and subdirectories, so you need to be as careful adding the subdirectories as you would typing directory paths.

Adding sub categories is a great place for a drop-down box, ie: a checkbox+dropdown to make the current category a subcategory of an existing one -- would prevent typing errors.

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Re: Major Problem In reply to
Hi Richard,

We just got back from New Year's break today, and I'll take a look at the problem you've been having.