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When searching for a web host there seems to be alot of "We have Mysql, or we offer Mysql. But,,,,, they don't specify the "MB" allowance. This is a good question to ask them?

I am developing a web site from the ground up, I won't be using
"Import" Festures. My links.db file is heading towards 1mb and the site still screams in speed but I just want to be ready and so I ask.

If I go with a host that offers mysql for links-sql, what is the amount of MB memory to "start off with" from a webhost that offers Mysql?

Yup, I searched the forums, this question hasn't been asked.

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Re: MYSQL MB Amount In reply to
Did you read the FAQ where Alex provides realistic MG (not mb) stats for a site that uses DMOZ data?

Also, there are pretty good references regarding disk usage at the MySQL web site: http://www.mysql.com


Eliot Lee
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Re: MYSQL MB Amount In reply to
Hi Elliot,

Long time, no talk to. I think you mis-understood the purpose of my post (which is my fault in explaining myself). We're going to develop the web site from "ground up" purposely. We'll not be using import features, not because we're worried about disk usage space but because we want to develop the category infrastructure in a unique display. There's also other facts (reasons)that go into our consideration why we're developing the web site from ground up, much like the way the ODP started.

I didn't even know what MG is never mind what it references to (vs) MB and so no, I didn't read the faq as to what Alex had explained for a site that uses ODP data because as I've stated, we'll be developing it from ground up.

My question basicly was:

if they're (Web Host) offering 14mb of usage with the MYSQL (or whatever you want to call it) will I be ok with that allotment for the time being as we further develop the web site from ground up?

I made an error in my original post, the "MB" was not in memory but allotted space that you could take up using the Mysql.

I will look further into the Mysql web site. Thanks Eliot