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Korean Language Indexed Search

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Korean Language Indexed Search
I'm currently trying to get LinksSQL's indexed search to work with Korean language. I've read multiple discussion threads regarding Asian Languages and this is what I know so far

1) Search.cgi implements search using the LinksSQL created index scheme where as Search-ni.cgi does not use LinksSQL index scheme and relies on the full database scan for search
2) Chineses languages must use Search-ni.cgi since Chinese words are not separated by spaces thus LinksSQL cannot parse words into the indexed table in the database

Here is my situation:
1) Unlike Chinese, Korean words are separated by spaces
2) I cannot search in Korean using Search.cgi but I can get Search-ni.cgi to work in Korean.
3) I receive "Lacks alphnumerics" error if I search in Korean using Search.cgi. This is an example: ѱ - Lacks alphnumerics

Here are my questions:
1) What does the error "Lacks alphnumerics" really mean? Does LinksSQL parse out only western fonts separated by spaces? Again, Korean words are separated by spaces thus LinksSQL should be able to index words based on spaces between words.
2) What part of LinksSQL module actually does the job of parsing out of words into the indexed table? I'm trying to look at the codes but I don't know where the codes are located

I've gone through multiple discussion threads regarding Asian languages but I could not find the right answers.

Thank you for your help,