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Islinked Mod & SQL

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Islinked Mod & SQL
Hi There,

I created the islinked mod a while back with the help of others, can you tell me if this needs changing at all to work with links SQL, Please point out the changes tha will have to be made to the MOD, as this may give me a head start in converting other mods.

The mod can be seen at http://www.isee-multimedia.co.uk/scripts/links2.htm


Mark Priest
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Re: Islinked Mod & SQL In reply to
Should work pretty much the same way.

But, I just wonder why:

# Set new and pop to either 1 or 0 for templates.
($rec{'isNew'} eq 'Yes') ? ($rec{'isNew'} = 1) : (delete $rec{'isNew'});
($rec{'isPopular'} eq 'Yes') ? ($rec{'isPopular'} = 1) : (delete $rec{'isPopular'});
($rec{'isLinked'} eq 'Yes') ? ($rec{'isLinked'} = 1) : (delete $rec{'isLinked'});
Deleting a tag can give an "Undefined Tag" error. You'd be much better to set it to '1' or '0' and just use the <%if tag%> construct in the templates.

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/