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Importing data into links 2.0

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Importing data into links 2.0
I need to run a cron perl job for importing data into links sql automatically based on a ever changing text file..

my questions.

1) suppose I leave the CategoryID empty while adding records to the links table ..is there anyway I can categorize the URLs later on ??

2) What I am trying to do is to somehow auto matically assign category names to each URL I import from the cron perl job


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The best way to do this is to add the item to the Validate table directly. Make sure you set the Mode to Validate.

When you then try to approve the link, you should be prompted for a category.

If you try to go through links, it will generate errors on required fields that are not filled in. Set the category to '0' and I believe it will still show up in the Validate table, and it won't generate a MySQL non-null value required error.

Not sure... but I think I did this at one time, or something quite similar. Manually... not automated though.

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