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Importing DMOZ Problem

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Importing DMOZ Problem
Hi there.. I haven't ran Links SQL in quite some time but now have it backup and running..;)

I recently ran an import of the DMOZ database against my already existing database so that it would import all new information.... the import ran (14+ hours) and at the end of it I didn't have any new items in the database??

It used to work fine before... I'm wondering if there's a newer script than what I'm using? Possibly the RDF format has changed and my older script doesn't understand it? I'm using a script that Alex sent me right after I purchased the software, and I was told this one was the first one that would append new data into MySQL versus the previous script that would only import and not append.

Thanks for your time,


Paul Stewart
Nexicom Inc.
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If you have your registration information there is a new(er)(?) script in the licensed area. It might be different than the one you have. I think there were some tweaks made that fixed a problem similar to yours. I've run many imports, and sometimes I've had problems getting links added to the database. I've never tried to do a whole import or update, usually it's just on a sub tree.

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/