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HTML Help needed. IE/Netscape issue

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HTML Help needed. IE/Netscape issue
For my add.html I allow for a large description text box. It displays correctly in Netscape but the text box is not as wide using IE. (The text box height is fine)

My code is:
<tr><td align="left" valign="top" colspan="2">Description: <br>
<textarea wrap="virtual" name="Description" value="" rows="15" cols="53"></text-area></td></tr>

I believe this is strictly a browser related issue. Any suggestions??

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Re: HTML Help needed. IE/Netscape issue In reply to
yep.. the size of a textarea is not the same in all browsers..

i don't think there is anything you could do about it though..

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Re: HTML Help needed. IE/Netscape issue In reply to
The greater the number for chars, the greater is the size in netscape; so stay at a small size and there will be only a small difference. (Think of another factor for netscape: chars * 1,1cm; MSie chars * 1 cm - only example values!)

Try to work with Css, but remark that:

You can give css to the <td>, where your field is in.
You can set it e.g to the <p> Tag, before and after the field (same with <span class="x"><input ....></span>
You can set it directly to the field.
<input type = ... "class="x">

For working with both browsers, i take all three posibilities.
Another Netscape-thing: The css you defined before a field, dont work on a second field or a text after the first field.

Best thing is to take a small html-page with a table and cells and fields and/or two fields and or text before, middle and behind.

Then copy the table 4,5 times and try out the different possibilities; write over the right table, what you are doing and which effects are with it or not.

For me i need this site all days, cause i only work with css (and px for the fonts), so noone can destroy my designs with smaller or greater fonts in browser-setup.
(good example for killing it if i had no css:
http://www.traudt.de - dont try it with MAC :-(

Just one thing more: If you want to be sure, what your visitors will see; experiment with different screen-resolutions and system-font-sizes.

e.g. all netscape fonts are one pix smaller on a 21' but not at my 17'; maybe the difference is more, when you have normal or greater system-fonts. (I remark it dayly cause i work at home with 21 and 17; and at work, too but with other setups.)


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