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Excel/PDF Export Ideas?

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Excel/PDF Export Ideas?
Hello Links SQL v.1.3 users,

I was wondering if anyone has successfully implemented an EXPORT record mod from the end-user side (like via the search form to select an option to export all matched records into EXCEL or PDF).

I know how to do this with Cold Fusion/MS Access/MS SQL Server...but having some difficulties developing it in Perl/MySQL.

I know that I need to change the header to something like application/xls or application/pdf, but before plowing ahead with this type of hack, I was wondering if anyone has done something similar with Links SQL v.1.3??

Yes, I know that there is an Excel Export Mod for DBMAN...but I want to do this with Links SQL v.1.3 using the central PM module files...so, most of the codes for DBMAN really do not apply.

Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


Eliot Lee