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Eliot Lee
I noticed you recommend Web2010 for hosting
do you know if they use a standard subdomain pointing system server configuration because I am have all kinds of problems with Virtualis Systems the reason I need to know is that along with Links SQL I have another software that is a Mall type software that works with folders and it creates folders as someone signs up for a new secure estore it is all set up automacticlly but with virtualis they use there own non-standard subdomain pointing system server
configuration, cgi programs like this software that create and work
with folders, won't work there
I have set an email asking for info on this subject to Web2010 but have not received any reply

Do you know right off hand if they do.
Thanks Michael
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Re: Eliot Lee In reply to

They use redirection for their sub-domain addresses (which is not tremendously stable, but since I have a dedicated IP address, it does not cause a lot of problems...other than them forgetting to tell me to re-new my domain registration...but that is a completely different story. If you are on a server that does not have dedicated IP Addresses, then you are in for a world of frustration.)

But...Web2010 no longer offers sub-domains. I was one of the last accounts to have this.

So, if you are interested in sub-domains...Web2010 is not for you.



Eliot Lee
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