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Election 2000 & and postcards script.

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Election 2000 & and postcards script.
I don't usually do this, in fact, I think it's the first time,... but I'll put it here under the guise of showing how the updated postcards.cgi works with jump.cgi as a complete postcards solution for everyone who's expressed an interest in my previous post. ;)

For those frustrated with the election progress... we offer what may be our most inspired Digital Postcards® image to date (well, at least this date).


So... if you need a break from the stress of your day to day, take a peek... (test out the postcards script) and feel free to send this, pass it around, whatever...(please use real email addresses, since we get all the bounces!). It is copyrighted so let everyone know it's a Digital Postcards® greeting :)

BTW... the FAQ was updated a bit as well <G>

PUGDOGŪ Enterprises, Inc.
FAQ: http://postcards.com/FAQ

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Re: Election 2000 & and postcards script. In reply to
Pretty funny, pugdog! LOL! Smile


Eliot Lee