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Anyway of checking for duplicates, when it finds them it deletes 1 link automatically.

i.e while I'm slepping as I have a lot of duplicates and might take me a long time through the admin page.


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The problem with automatic deletion, is just that, automatic. Smile

I guess if a rule was inserted to delete the newest verision of the link (ie: largest ID) but what happens when someone doesn't use the modify form (I can't figure it out) and adds the updated version of their site? Do you lose all the stats from the original listing?

I don't, I verify both listings, merge them, and keep the one I like best Smile

Automatic deletions could remove good links.

But if you just wanted to delete them, using the admin screen to just check the second box might be the easiest way.

You'd need to find the routine in the Admin script, and set the second link found to "Checked". That way, when the screen came up, one of the links was already checked for you, and all you'd have to do is hit the [submit] button.

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