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Detailed Pages like Yahoo company pages

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Detailed Pages like Yahoo company pages
I haven't seen any info on anything like this yet so I'll ask... Has anyone done a mod that let's detailed pages be created similar to the company pages that yahoo has for big corporations... like this page
I've got a project on one of my sites where I'd like to do something similar.. ie I'd like to be able to use some of the affiliate programs to pull stock prices, news whatever, or maybe even just have links to them... For each company I might have four or five links to different areas of their site. And I'd love to have those links be ones from the Links db so I can track them etc... I figure I can also use on the search affiliate programs to run out searches on the web that I can get paid for.

I'm almost guessing I might need a separate table in Links to store all the info (except the links) that would appear on the detailed page, and create a new template that relies on the stuff in that table to pull out... My preference would be for static pages that get built each time all the other pages get rebuilt as well.

Would the detailed.cgi be capable of handling something like this if I added all these new columns for the detailed stuff into the Links table?

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Re: Detailed Pages like Yahoo company pages In reply to
Either use the built-in DETAILED PAGE feature OR use the detailed.cgi. You can find Threads that discuss DETAILED PAGES by searching for DETAILED PAGES.


Eliot Lee
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Re: Detailed Pages like Yahoo company pages In reply to
Okay, I understand that just fine and have everything working to create the detailed page.. Sorry to bring up a topic that's so abused... :)

I have another question. Is there a way to have multiple links in the database all apply to the same detailed page so I can track the hits and stuff on all of them.. So let's say I have a link for the company home page, a link for the their employment page and maybe a link for the press releases pages, something like that.. Each of these links would be a separate entry in the db so they would have their own hit counter, description, etc.. and then I want to list them one after another on the detailed page.

Is there any way to do that?

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Re: Detailed Pages like Yahoo company pages In reply to
only way i can see you doing that is have a seperate detailed2.cgi page for company info. Then you can do the next bit two ways:

i) have a seperate field inside each link with the id of the company page so that when you display link 45,64 and 532 they all link to detailed.cgi?id=34 sort of thing.
ii) have a seperate table for link to detailed2 relations, so that you have

LinkID Detailed ID
45 34
64 34
532 34

sort of thing.

you then have detailed2.cgi?id=532 but it jumps to the page for 32 (from the table).

not sure which is best, i am quite new to this but these are the ways i can see it being "done".

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