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Delete Links
Could anybody help on me as I do to turn off links of a number the other?

for instance to turn off all the links from 130 to 1450...

if somebody to be able to help me I thank.. without me to have to turn off one for a...
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I'm not sure what you are asking...

but you can use the SQL monitor to DELETE FROM Links where ID > nnn and ID < nnn

Or, if you don't want to lose the links permanently, you can change their CATEGORY ID to '0' and they will show up as "lost" files in the Admin area.

This brings up a really good point.

Two features missing from links are a BBS style "preview" area, where links can sit doing nothing, but don't get built into the site. Sort of a holding area. Actually, that wouldn't be too hard to do, just create a new database -- Links_Hold that is an exact structure copy of the Links database, and INSERT INTO then DELETE FROM a link you want to "move". The link is still preserved in all it's original data, but is no longer part of the database.

You could use this idea for what you want to do as well.

You'd need to do a SELECT FROM the Links table, with an INSERT INTO followed by a DELETE FROM.

I could work up the SQL code for you, but I can't do it properly off the top of my head, and you'd want to verify that the links were really copied before you did the delete.

THE OTHER point that could be made, is Links needs a field "Active" yes/no for each link, so you can just pull some links out.

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