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Dedicated Server - Do I need SQL Backup?, etc..

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Dedicated Server - Do I need SQL Backup?, etc..
I am trying to configure a dedicated server...

Can anyone tell me what I really need as far as Links SQL goes? (Other than system requirements listed on this page - http://gossamer-threads.com/scripts/links-sql/)Will a hard drive backup be enough, or do I need to pay $100/mo SQL backup? What about $200/mo for database monitoring?

Also, has anyone used webmin (http://webmin.com/webmin) for web-based adminisration of a Unix server? I am considering this over a Cobalt RaQ because no support is provided for SQL on a RaQ.. in fact, installing mysql on a Cobalt server may void the guarantee.

Any other general recommendations?

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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Re: Dedicated Server - Do I need SQL Backup?, etc.. In reply to
What do you mean SQL Backup?

If you are religious about it, you can do your own backups to a tape or harddrive, or even to your local PC if you have a fast enough link.

The difference between MySQL and Oracle (for example) is you can back MySQL up while it's running. You can either just copy the tables, straight away, or you can do a mysqldump on each database.

If you can monitor your own database, and see if it's running you don't need a monitor.

I've been running my own server, and my database has not needed any special attention in 9 months. I check it several times a day, and if it ever should go down, it's a major annoyance, but the safety and security of the free world is not in jepardy!

If you have a tape back up, have it run as normal, and then have a cron job do a mysqldump type operation to your tape drive as a secondary precaution.

My ISP is running Legato backups for me on a weekly basis, and it's done while I'm running. MySQL allows this, Oracle doesn't.

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Re: Dedicated Server - Do I need SQL Backup?, etc.. In reply to
I wouldn't pay those sort of fees for monitoring. I do recommend having someone monitor your hardware to do restarts if anything fails, or you have hardware problems.

A hard drive backup will do, you don't need anything extra for mysql as all your mysql data is just in a directory (usually /usr/local/mysql/data or /var/lib/mysql), and can be restored by simply copying the files from backup back to that directory.

As for webmin, I have used it and it's pretty nice.


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Re: Dedicated Server - Do I need SQL Backup?, etc.. In reply to
oops, missed the Webmin question.

I use it and like it! I've posted a few times here about it's features and plus/minues.

I use phpMyAdmin for most of my SQL work, because I'm used to it, but I use WebMin for almost everything else -- taking servers up/down, setting/running cron jobs, user management, processes, etc.

BTW-- the disadvantage of harddrive back up is that if they are connected to the same controller, or even the same motherboard, you could lose both disks with an electrical or chip problem. That's why off-loading to tape or to a second system is preferred in some way.