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DB Problem

When Alex first installed links SQL h did the DB impot for me. I tried to update the DB with a new Links 2.0 DB and figured it would overwrite the old links. It did not. I now have twicethe amount of links as before.

How do I delete the DB and start from scratch? OR what is the best method?

James L. Murray
VirtueTech, Inc.

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Re: DB Problem In reply to
Use the setup.cgi to drop all the tables, and recreate them. Then import the new data.

If you've made changes to the .def files -- such as defaults, weights, and stuff, copy those to a local directory, drop the tables, recreate them, then copy the old def files over the ones that were just created, and go from there.

Remember, to turn off any "required" fields when importing, but if you were able to import already, that's not a problem for you.

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Re: DB Problem In reply to

The best possibility known to me or rather faster than using
setup.cgi and re-creating the tables entirely new is as follows:

Start editor.cgi
Look in the function Import data
Click on delete old data and make sure its checked.
Import the data through editor.cgi. I assume that the format is
compatible. The editor.cgi will gulp all the data to be imported while
it has already digested the old one in there Smile during the work in progress!
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Re: DB Problem In reply to
The simplest way to clear data from just one database like Links or Categories is to go to SQL Monitor and type:


That would clear all the data in the database "Links" in the same way you could clear categorie data like this:


You could also do this a few times and clear all your data.