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DBI::MD5 --> Digest::MD5

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DBI::MD5 --> Digest::MD5
I am having some problems with a newly configured Linux:RedHat
server where my hosting company has not installed all the necessary
DBI and DBD modules to work with Links SQL v.1.13.

We have worked most of the bugs out, but the most important script
(login) does not work due to missing DBI::MD5 modules. It seems
that this module is depreciated and is now part of the Digest


The MD5 module is depreciated. Use Digest::MD5 instead.

This is more of an FYI type of post for those new users who are
installing Links SQL v.1.13 on newly configured servers that
may be missing the MD5 module.

The way that I am solving this problem is installing the MD5
module locally and then editing the login script.

See ya.


Eliot Lee
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Re: DBI::MD5 --> Digest::MD5 In reply to
Alex or another knowledgeable LINKS SQL v.1.3 user,

Are there any other methods of randomizing the SessionID for the Sessions table???

I was not successful with installing the Module locally in my account. The way that I "solved" the problem was adding the "time stamp" and then adding random characters after the "time stamp" for the SessionID of the Sessions table.

I really liked the hexed characters that were added before...if you or other users have suggestions for adding these characters into the SessionID, I would greatly appreciate it...

Thanks in advance....


Eliot Lee