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Category Import

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Category Import
Greetings. I'll preface this post by saying that I have combed through (to the best of my ability) the various posts on Category Table Imports and have still been unable to resolve the issue I am currently wrestling with. We have a Category Table that was built using the Description Field as a sort of hyperlinked SubCategory (ie, various "subcategories" are displayed under the Main category by using coded links a la...
55,British Columbia/Prosthodontics,<a href="http://www.canadadental.com/search/British_Columbia/Prosthodontics/Supplies/">Supplies``</a>&nbsp<a href="http://www.canadadental.com/search/... etc, etc
so that we can then create
56,British Columbia/Prosthodontics/Supplies,,,,,,0,No,No,1999-01-01
57,British Columbia/Prosthodontics/Manufacturers,,,,,,1,No,No,1999-01-01
etc, etc

The problem is that the links havenow changed (server issues BIG SURPRISE!) and a simple find and replace on "http://wwwSERVERNAME" was done on the exported file to resolve the new host. My problem is that I have been wildly unsuccessful in loading this table. I continually encounter the following error...

Aborting, too many errors!

Rows imported: 61
Errors with the following rows:

16: Row count: 15 does not match header count: (16 British Columbia/Orthodontics Supplies Manufacturers Education
Study Clubs Articles 2 No No 1999-01-01) (ID Name Description , etc etc...

We currently have 300+ links associated with this table, so we'd prefer to keep it as is so to speak.

Can someone please tell me how to import this table properly and/or whether it is necessary to keep the "subcategories" listed under the Main category as full paths or can they be relative?

Sneeringly high-handed and/or instructive comments welcomed.


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Re: Category Import In reply to
Check out:


For an explanation.

An answer.... well, that depends on what the explanation yeilds.

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