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Category Description

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Category Description

I'd like to have the category <%Description%> not on the subcategory.html page, but displayed on the category.html page - so you get the description once you're inside that category.

I have placed the <%Description%> tag in that template, but it doesn't show up for some reason. Can anyone tell me how to get this going?



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Re: Category Description In reply to
Look in nph-build.cgi for this section:

# Get the category info.

You'll see a list of tag outputs ($OUT{tag_name}), and if you haven't already got it in there, add the following:

$OUT{description} = $category_r->{'Description'};
Then just use <%description%> in your template Smile

All the best

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Re: Category Description In reply to
Thanks for that shaun!

I took a look at the code and then clicked why it wasn't working - capital D on description instead of lowercase - duh!

Thanks again, I need some sleep!