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Build -> Cont'd Loop -> $limit

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Build -> Cont'd Loop -> $limit
Okay...I finally got my directory to build...Whoa! BUT (and a big but), the build process continually loops. After the build process finishes the last directory, it goes back to the beginning.

I have narrowed the problem to the $limit variable that is configured to 100 as default. Why I don't know? I know that the LINKS in each CATEGORY are limited to 1000, but why limit the number of categories to 100 is beyond me. This should be a dynamic setting that could be defined in the Links.pm or whatever module file will control build processes in the future release.

So, what I did was set $limit to 1000. This allowed the categories to be built. Then I tried writing some codes to count the total number of categories and replace 1000 with these codes. The same thing occurred...continuous loop. Then I hard-coded the $limit variable with the EXACT total number of categories in my Category table. Same thing...continuous looping.

I believe that the query function is the culperate....

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$categories_r = $CATDB->query ( { ID => '*', mh = $limit, nh => $offset+1, sb => 'Name', so => 'ASC', tb => 0 });

I tried deleting mh=$limit and the same looping occurred.

Any suggestions for solving this looping problem is greatly appreciated.

THANKS in advance!


Eliot Lee