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hi.. using the last minutes before I go to sleep to figure out some things..

In Links 1.1b it has the User Database.. is it even being used?? with Links 2.0 I had a User Database too.. and I had people sign up to add and modify +delete (like DBMAN i think).. what exactly is the User Database used for??

I notice in the demo that the editor.cgi is changed too.. RESYNC.. i think i know what that does.. probably really useful too..

are there any other changes.. (add ons).. i haven't received anything about Links Beta Versions so I still only have Links SQL 1.02. I've been modding a bunch of things and I don't know if I should wait or not before I do the next thing.. [sql forum].

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I've wondered about the User features too, I
think they are incomplete, but you can see the hooks for them all through the rest of the files (which is why I've been waiting for the 1.2 release).

As for the resync -- if you read the FAQ, DBSQL.pm can use table data directly, or it can use a .def file for faster performance. It can also write out the information it reads from the table as a new .def file (just like Import.pl). I asked for a better way to do it -- hence resync reads the SQL table and writes out a new .def file using the defaults in editor.cgi.

Until 1.2 comes out, there are a lot of things that are not uniform between the versions. The 1.1 release had some database changes too... including keyword logging.