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Has anyone had problems installing MYSQL with BSDI 4? My server admin is saying that it may not work correctly.

This is what he said:
"mysql has threads problems with BSDI"
"BSDI also has problems with its authentication mechanism. So you have to use null passwords, if you are the only user on your system this isn't a big deal.  But if you have other users, then they will be
able to modify the database."

Any comments would be appreciated.

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Re: BSDI and MYSQL In reply to
I'm not sure about the 'threads' issue, but you can probably re-compile MySQL to work. This is a question you'd need to ask on the MySQL site.

As for authentication -- I don't follow that reasoning. I _do_ understand if you are allowing 'default' log ons. That is, if you log on to your shell account as me@server.com then when you try to access the MySQL database, the authentication process automatically tries to verify you as 'me@server.com'

This default behaviour probably wouldn't work, given what he said.

But LinkSQL uses EXPLICIT passwords and ID. This is logging on as a DIFFERENT user, and this should have NOTHING to do with the BSDI operating system. This ia compare against the the authentications stored in the mysql tables and assignment to you.

I could be wrong on this -- but I can't belive BSDI would be so messed up that it can't keep user processes straight!

Again, you should ask this on the MySQL site for a definitive answer -- but I think explicit log-ons would work -- and that's what LinkSQL does.