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Alternate Categories and Category Sorting

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Alternate Categories and Category Sorting
Hi all (Pugdog :)),

Two questions here:

1) I see the <%if related%> tage in my category.html file. Nothing shows up here on any of my category pages. What exactly does this tag refer to and how do I designate related categories?

2) I have a category that I would like to display first on my home page. However, alphabetically, it would appear in the middle. Short of putting a "*" ahead of the category name, is there any way I can force this category to sort ahead of all others?


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1) You use the ADMIN/Category Relations to add categories to another category. This does for sub-categories what alt-links does for links.

2) Right now, there is no easy way to do that. The only way to do it easily is to hard-code the categories on the main page, but then you lose the new/updated features on a build. What it would require is going into the build_home_page (or whatever it's called) routine, and selecting out that category first. I can think of some tricky ways of doing it, using a new field that is = to the category name field if empty, and if not, has whatever value you want in it, then you change the build from alphabetical to ordered on that field. All of this requires changes to the category builds. (Again, since the next version of links will have a different logic, working on this now is a waste of time for such a short-lived mod.).

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/