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Advanced Search Routine AND Keyword loggger.

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Advanced Search Routine AND Keyword loggger.
Will there be a modification soon, so Links2.0 alsow has the new keyword logger.

.....and does anyone know if the SQL search is different than the Links2.0 search.
(except speed offcourse)
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Re: Advanced Search Routine AND Keyword loggger. In reply to
There are differences, since LinkSQL is indexed.

As for the keyword logger on Links 2.0, there is a keyword logger mod already, the problem is it starts to bog down on some systems, probably due to a problem with how they handle flock -- the files grow uncontrollably large, and kill the system.

LinkSQL doesn't have that problem, since all file requests are handled by the SQL server/queue.

The keyword logger mod to LinkSQL was literally creating a new table in the database, and about 5 lines of code.

Many mods, and features, of LinkSQL are easier/simpler/possible because of the power and features of the SQL database that does a lot of the real work behind managing the files.

With the power and flexibility of the new servers, tne ease if installing MySQL, or MS-SQL (if you go that route) you'll be seeing more SQL backed applications, and more hosts offering MySQL/MS-SQL as part of the package to cut the load on their servers.

I won't say flat-file applications are dead, they aren't. They have a certain utility, and a much smaller footprint. But, for interactive applications, or large databases, SQL can't be beat.

What you won't see are people developing complex flat-file applications like Links 2.0
since for a lot less effort they can write a much better program using SQL as the database.

Flat-file databases are better for record keeping, not accessing. Databases that grow large, but are infrequently accessed make good flat-file candidates.

Unfortunately, as people are finding out, a links database puts a load on the CPU in a way that grows almost exponentially... and the best way to limit this growth is using the SQL back end.

A long explanation... but if you look around, you are already seeing more SQL applications almost on a daily basis, and many existing ones (like Links, forums, shopping) being moved to an SQL back end.

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Re: Advanced Search Routine AND Keyword loggger. In reply to
Thanks for this explanation!