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Advanced Search Options

Can you (and how do you???) add a field to the Advanced search page to search on one specific field? I guess what I was thinking was I wanted to add a drop down menu to say "Field to Search" and have it do "All" normally, but let someone choose specific fields to search exclusively... make sense?


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I don't have my book on CGI.pm, but you'd need to probably use that to create a multiple selection drop-down box, like the add-alt-category box in the Admin, and then handle it correctly with a new option in the search.cgi

This has been asked a few times, and I'm sure someone is working on at least a hack solution.

You could pre-load the box, or actually have the CGI generate the box based on the fields in the table.def that have a weight != 0

Problem 2 is, you'd need to verify only those fields were sent back to the program in the cgi itself, ie: those were the only 'allowed' fields, or you have a potential security hole.

I just got so far behind, I still don't know where I am any more! Smile

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