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Adding an image from the Admin

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Adding an image from the Admin

I have created 5 new fields for 5 images on the Admin. I need to be able to attach five images to the link through the admin.

How do I do this?

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Re: Adding an image from the Admin In reply to
The easy version: link them and upload it your server manually.
The other one (have done it only for one!?) and only for users:
Take an upload-script from elsewhere;
Let them only upload if they have entered an ID and password: With this data show dynamically a page with the upload-form (hidden-fields now:ID)
Save the file to an special dir and let it send an email to you.
Now you could do for that link only a gif/jpg field and in the link.html if field show it with pic<%iD%>.<%picfield%>

With some modification it should go with the admin tool too


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Re: Adding an image from the Admin In reply to
Once the new version comes out, I hope to have a fully functional upload image mod working. I don't want to do it for one version, then redo it. I have thought it out very carefully, and have some cool routines for it.

As long as the server controls the file tree, ie: user NOBODY (or whatever) the server will be able to move files around between directories as well.

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/