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Addd Site with Drop Down Categories?

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Addd Site with Drop Down Categories?
I will like to make it alittle easier for visitors to add sites from the home page, by creating an all emcompassing "Add Site" page. It would then prompt them for all the information, including the Categories and maybe even Alternates. Has anyone done this or is it a "Modification" that I have overlooked? I am not a programmer, but I can follow directions purty well :)

Mike Oyler

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If you want the categories to show up in a drop-down menu, then simply use the following config in the Links.pm file:


# Set to one to have Links generate a category list, set to 0 to use
# the category id.1
$LINKS{db_gen_category_list} = 1;

There are many bugs with the alternate category drop-down, which has been fixed in the NG version (2.X) of Links SQL.


Eliot Lee