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Add links problems ...

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Add links problems ...
1. I have two main cats like
nomembers and members
To prevent non-members to make a link in the member-section, i choose
$LINKS{db_gen_category_list} = 0;

Because of this var is global for admin and editors too, its
completly unpractible for use.

Now im looking for the following:
I need two add_forms; one with all member_cats; one with all non_member_cats;

think i could make that with a yes/no field in cat-table;
but i dont know:

1. Its a problem if two different add.html are called at the same time?
2. What´s with the add_form in admin; it is completly separated?

Know someone a better way?

Maybe to do a second var for
$LINKS{db_gen_category_list} = 1;

but it seems that the admin uses to much subs than the normal add do, too.

Same i need to modify and for search.