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A perfect mod to increase value of your site.

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A perfect mod to increase value of your site.
Has someone an idea how to show all registered users and all entrees for this user to all other users? I think about a community where registered users could do entrees as links or only text and grafics. the same i want to give points for their action. So everytime someone post something inside Links he gets a point. For this i need a list for all users to see which user has post which link or entree and how many points he got. The points could be a function from number of entrees, Ranking and votes for every entree.
Maybe there could be a connection for activity in the ultimate-board; so everytime someone posts an entree in the board he gets a point (restricted one per day e.g.)
Maybe there could be different fields for different actions (by adding fields to a user).

Another point could given for every time someone enter the site. (Via cookie or logging - restricted to one point a day.)

As i understand the database right, the user-authentication is only to store a user and give him the right to enter links, but not which links he has entered. So i need another table to store the IDs for him, same as calculating the value of his points from this entrees, when building and a function not to add points if the admin donīt validate a link, instead erasing it.
The same to reviews.
Another thing could be a rating for the user inside the user-list.

A good function here could be an a/b/c ... /z -Linklist over the list.

Think about the value, when you give your clients something for their activity. A field to enter a picture and a description for themselves.

I have asked Alex some weeks ago, if he could do a special programming for me to get a real search-funktion with <,> or x < y < z, or search for 5 brings 5xxx but not x5xxx, but he answered me, that their was no time to do any programming at the moment.

If you are interested in programming this mod (offers welcome), or discuss the features and/or pay all together a third one for doing this, please write a message to emmerich@adeva.de.

Try the community at cassiopeia.de (sorry, only in german) or spray.net (should be availible in english, too), get registered and think about this really great features to hold users and get visited more often by having a better community-feeling, increasing your traffic and your income with ads and affiliates.

Hope to hear from you, soon.

PS: If i wont get any answers or discussion here the next days, i would order the things i need here in germany from an extern company. So please let us do this thing together, getting the best mod that we can do together.

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