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3 Questions...

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3 Questions...
1. How do I edit Links.pm when I continously receive 553 Permission Denied messages when I try to upload it.

2. I have searched the forum for category fonts, category spacing, etc and still have not idea where to change the spacing on the categories.

3. How do I link one of my catergories to a different directory not utilzing linksql?

Oh thank you - ye wise ones ;-)

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Can't help with No. 1, but ...

2. Look for sub site_html_print_cat in HTML_Templates.pm - this is where the table is generated for your block of sub-categories.

3. I assume you want to 'Add' a link here to another page 'off' your directory pages.

To do this globally, i.e. the same link for each category page; simply edit the category template to include the link.

Alternatively you could add an optional field so that you can put a specific link from each category. For this you'll need to add a field to your Category table, something like, "External Link". You'll then need to add the HTML for the link itself into this field for each category it applies to, i.e. <A HREF="/.....">Link Name</A> (do this as normal through Links Admin : Category -> Modify)

You'll then need to pass this data to the template, maybe as <%ExtLink%>. Look for # Get the category info. in nph-build.cgi. Here you'll see a list of fields that are parsed to the template. To create a hook for your new field add a new line in here, something like:

$OUT{ExtLink} = $category_r->{'External_Link'};

When you add the hook to your template as <%ExtLink%>, it will place the value of the field into your category page.

Hope this helps.

All the best