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"Build Changed"

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"Build Changed"
I'm not sure if its been discussed before, but would it be possible to add a second build option for "Build Changed" where the only pages that get built are the ones where an add/remove/change has been made to a listing?

The reason I ask is that my ISP limits the amount of time I can run a single process for. I appreciate that isn't a problem with a dedicated server, but as yet I can't afford one of those.

I know that to check all the links for updates would probably be a long process anyway, so I'm thinking about a file that gets updated with the changes as you go along and then gets emptied-out once you run the build-changed or build-all process, so Links doesn't have to 'check' every link for every category and can build only the selected 'changed' ones.

Am I thinking too simply here?

All the best
(just been upgraded - my site that is, not me! :)

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This may be in the next release. With the change to the category layout, and the elimination of the need to build-stats, it might be possible to only build pages affected by pages that have changed links information -- at least in generating detailed pages.

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/