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when importing links.db

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when importing links.db
Hi, I am using a program called spider pro that spiders the web by querying search engines and other sources, and writes the data to a links.db file the nonsql version.
I am able to import the data just fine using the admin panel, but would like for it to be imported as unvalidated, here is a snip of the links.db file that I am importing, perhaps someone can tell me what field is causing links sql to think that the items are validated and what I need to remove to keep them unvalidated so that I can go through them all and add them in.
4|Add Your Business to the Mall!|http://avmcyber.com/add.html|2000-09-27|2000-09-27|25|Attention Business Owners! Are you on the Net, yet? The Internet is fa|imported|jlb444@annap.infi.net|0|Yes|No|No|0.00|0|Yes|0|
5|AVM Online Bookstore|http://avmcyber.com/amazon/|2000-09-27|2000-09-27|25|AVM Online Bookstore Your Internet source for books, books, & more boo|imported|webmaster@avmcyber.com|0|Yes|No|No|0.00|0|Yes|0|
6|A. Arundel Auto Service Center|http://avmcyber.com/arundel/|2000-09-27|2000-09-27|25|A. Arundel Auto Service Center Complete Domestic & Foreign Auto Repair|imported|comments@avmcyber.com|0|Yes|No|No|0.00|0|Yes|0|
7|Cabbage Rose|http://avmcyber.com/cabrose/|2000-09-27|2000-09-27|25|Cabbage Rose Floral Design / Party Planning 3118 Catrina Lane, Annapol|imported|comments@avmcyber.com|0|Yes|No|No|0.00|0|Yes|0|
8|Annapolis Online Forum|http://avmcyber.com/forum/|2000-09-27|2000-09-27|25|Annapolis Online Forum "Where your cybervoice is heard!" Annapolis Onl|imported|forum@avmcyber.com|0|Yes|No|No|0.00|0|Yes|0|

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The Import.pl uses the Links.def to import the records from links.db into the Links table. If you want them to go into the Validate table, then you will need to replace Links.def in the Import.pl to Validate.def. Also, if you want to use the editor.cgi or MySQLMan to import the file, then select the Validate table, not the Links table.


Eliot Lee