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share directory content to other sites?

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share directory content to other sites?
  • Completely template based! All the htm/Language is inside our easy to edit templates. This gives you the ability to create multi-language directories, or to brand your content and sell it to other sites, or just to create a completely different look to your site without editing code.

  • Hi, newbie here. Can someone explain how it's possible to sell/share our content to other sites? Can html pages (with regular html links) be exported from LinksSQL for use on other web sites?

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    Re: [bing] share directory content to other sites? In reply to
    Hi. Basically, if you want to use the simple way.. you just create several template sets (i.e one for "client1","client2","client3" and "client4"). You could then use page.cgi to show their template set, but with your data.



    Hopefully that answers your questions :) There are more complex solutions ... but they are not for the faint hearted Frown


    Andy (mod)
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    Re: [Andy] share directory content to other sites? In reply to
    Thanks Andy. Is there a way to export the data so it can be hosted on a different server/domain name?
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    Re: [bing] share directory content to other sites? In reply to
    This is possibly the easiest way - naybe it isnt exactly what you want but...


    There is a small script developed by friend at 2muslims.com that allows a search of a database and the results returned on another custom built page - similar to dmoz.org sydnication as such. There are lots of options. All work well depending on what you want.

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