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recommended reading

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recommended reading
Well, Links SQL is on order. I have no experience with Perl or Unix but I do have experience with VB script and ASP and the Links SQL will be installed on an NT server. I was wondering what would be a good book or two to help get me up to speed on Perl and Unix particularly in their relation to Links SQL. I don't want to become a Perl or Unix expert I just want to know how to tweak Links. Any suggestions?


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For Perl books, go to:


I would recommend the following:

* Learning Perl on Win32 Systems
* Learning Perl, 2nd Edition
* Programming the Perl DBI
* Advanced Perl Programming

And to be honest, the most challenging issues to overcome with Links SQL are:

1) Learning SQL functions
2) Learning to use mod_perl/CGI.pm (strict)

For documentation about MS SQL (I am assuming you are going to be using Microsoft SQL 7.0), go here:


If you are not going to be using MS SQL, but MySQL, then go here:


And since you are installing the script in a NT server, why would you want to learn about UNIX?


Eliot Lee

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Re: recommended reading In reply to
I've listed my favorite books on the FAQ site.

I'll be adding some more to that list.

The Qmail book was just published (amazon just shipped it today), and once I skim though that, I'll post that too.

That is hopefully going to answer a lot of questions about getting qmail up and running, and then integrating Gossamer Mail with that.

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/