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membership area again

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membership area again
I'm looking to use Links SQL as a document management/content management system. I have a number of non-technical writers who will be producing content for our site. Ideally I would like to be able to assign an area to them, allow them to upload new content to their area and then create links to it. And editor would then need to verify new content and push it live. All this looks possible with Links SQL. Training my non-technical people would be challenging but it could probably be done :) Does fileman show up in the default admin toolbar? It is not in the demo.

There is, however, one feature I need-- once again, the membership area! I have read a few threads about it here but my situation is different so I'm going to open the discussion again.

This site is entirely for subscribers only-- If a user hasn't signed up and paid they can't access the content. I am currently authenticating users with the auth_pg apache module against a postgres database. This works great but I would the users not to have to sign in again to link SQL. Anyone have any ideas on how to manage this? I am not yet familiar with the Link SQL table structures, but I am currently using a pl/pgSQL function to do the apache validation-- when someone logs in I could update a session table that said "yes they have signed in." and possibly hand this off to the standard Link SQL security. Does this sound plausible?

Does link SQL use Mason? Are there object models/api documentation available?

Thanks, product looks great!

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I'm not familiar with auth_pg, but I assume it uses basic authentication (pop up box), and not a form based authentication? If so, you can get the authenticated user from $ENV{REMOTE_USER}, and it should be pretty easy to make a plugin that works off that.

We do have a developer guide for extending Links SQL, and some sample plugins that integrate Links SQL into other programs. See:

http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...opic=help_guide.html (username: admin, pass: admin)

for more information.


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