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is Gossamer Links dead?

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is Gossamer Links dead?

Are you planning a new version of Gossamer Links or is this product dead?
The last version is 4 years old, for the internet a really long time.

Kind regards

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Re: [eljot] is Gossamer Links dead? In reply to
Hi Lothar,

We're still releasing updates for GLinks, but not sure at this time what we could do in terms of features and functions in a new GLinks version. Given the changes in our industry, it's getting more and more difficult to release a generic database manager like a GLinks as every site owner has such different "visions" around what it is they want to accomplish, not to mention the new responsive options that are available to us now on the front-end.

If you have any ideas about what you want to build and where you'd like to take GLinks, we'd love to hear from you.