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included mods

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included mods
I believe I saw a list of mods that were inluded or easily added to Links SQL but I can't find it now. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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There are no mods/plugins included out of the box but there are many plugins available for download from the plugins admin page and the resources section linked to from the Support page above (top menu) conntains lots of mods/tips/instructions

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That page isn't up anymore, but it probably should be. Here's what you were looking for:

Q. What mods are available for Links SQL?
A. Several of the popular Links 2.0 mods are built into Links SQL. These include:

Enhanced Template - you can use if, ifnot, if var eq value, if var > value, etc inside your template tags.
Keyword Tracker - any searches people do are logged to the database so the admin can view them later.
Links 2.0 Non English Modifications - Links SQL will work out of the box with GB or Big5 encoding or any special characters.
3 Level of New graphics - you can display different graphics depending on the number of days old your link is, as well as display an Update graphic if your link has been modified recently.
Altavista style span page - instead of just displaying next and prev, you can display Pages: 1 2 3 4 >>.
Bad links summary report - you can easily see a links history to gauge how often a link has returned 404 and whether it should be deleted or not.


Q. What new features are in Links SQL but not in Links 2.0?
A. With version 1.1, there are a lot of new features not found in Links 2.0:

Altavista style searching: You can use +word, -word, "some phrase", +"some phrase", -"some phrase", keywor* or any combination to get better search results.
Advanced link checker: Links SQL uses it's own parallel checker that works on both NT and Unix machines. It is significantly faster then Links 2.0 checker and saves the link check history to the database. This lets you run the program nightly checking links that haven't been checked before in 10 days for example. You don't need to check the entire database every time.
Web based editor: You can now import/export, add/drop database fields and even browse the database from the comfort of your browser.
User Sign-up: A user system is built into Links SQL that allows users to register (with validation) and also provides session management.
Section Editors: You can give users editor access to certain categories, they can then add/remove/modify links and validate links that are waiting to be added.
Compress Output: An option to compress all output from the program, this can reduce file size by up to 20%.
Dynamic view: display the contents of your directory dynamically using the same html templates! You can also pass in a separate tag to let you display the look of the directory in another templates. This is ideal for people who want to brand their directory into other looks, but don't want to give up control.
Open Directory Import: there is an included script that can import any subcategory of the Open Directory into Links SQL.

Hope that helps,


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Yes, I believe that was the list I was thinking of...thank you. :)