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how long would it take to build...

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how long would it take to build...
well, i wonder how much time it would cost me to setup a site with linkssql. i know html, php and mysql. so i normally would spend 3 days for layout (nothing special, links on the left, toplinkicons in the middle, bannerplace on top etc.) and 1 day for coding it in html.

any idea how long it would take for a linkssql-beginner (no stupid one, hm?) for the integration of templates?


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Re: [optimum_prime] how long would it take to build... In reply to

I moved this to the Links SQL forum as I think that's what you want. =)

How long it takes would depened on how far you want it to depart from one of the 5 different default looks. If you are just putting up a different header/footer, then it will be very quick (under an hour). If you are changing every template, then it will take a longer. If you are comfortable with html (outside of a wysiwyg editor preferably) it shouldn't be any trouble.


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