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egold and another question

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egold and another question
i'm interested to purchase Gossamer Links, but i have some questions.

1) do you accept egold as payment ?
2) is there any egold payment plugin for Gossamer Links ?
3) what make Gossamer Links so expensive ? can you tell me what is the major pros of Gossamer Links compared to another cheaper script

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Re: [iwe] egold and another question In reply to
Hi Iwe,

Thanks for your questions.

Unfortunately no, we do not accept egold as payment, my apologies.

And again, unfortunately, no, there is currently no egold payment plugin for Gossamer Links.

The current GLinks is the result of more than 10 years of continual development, from the first version of Links in the mid '90s. We offer support, free installation, lots of free plugins, and a large userbase that can help you with questions you might have about using the program. We also offer custom work services at an hourly rate if you wish to have us handle the changes you need.

There is a directory that is somewhat linked to egold and which may be of interest to you as it is built on Links.

Let me know if you have any further questions at all.