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basical question about sql

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basical question about sql

I had installed Links 2.0 some months ago. My question: Can I install Links 2.0 SQL version without having any programming experience. Can I handle MySQL databases, although I don't know programming languages like Perl and MySQL for databases. If yes, will the Links script build up the SQL databases automatically or do I need to program the database? Can I then use for example MySQLMan to handle these databases online?

Appreciating your answer!


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Yes correct.

The installation process is all automatic. You just need to know standard information such as the path to your cgi-bin and your mysql login details.

The install script will do pretty much all the rest for you. Then everything from adding links to installing plugins to sending emails can be done from the admin area.

MySQLMan can also be used to browse and manipulate your database if you require.

Paul Wilson.
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Re: basical question about sql In reply to
You can learn as you go if you have any perl/unix (or NT) experience.

Installing MySQL is the hard part, if that is already installed, Links SQL pretty much installs itself. It's up to you to customize it, but the install was hammered out til it was pretty darn good.

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